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I will participate in a group show, "Photographs of Innocense And of Experience -Contemporary Japanese Photography Vol.14 "at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum) in Tokyo, Japan. The show will open on Decemeber 2nd, and be on view through January 28th, 2018. I'll show 40+ images from "While Leaves Are Falling...," which include images that have never been published before.


12月2日より恵比寿の東京都写真美術館にて開催される「無垢と経験の写真」日本の新進作家Vol.14に参加させていただきます。 展示期間は12月2日から2018年1月28日までで、「While Leaves Are Falling...」より未発表作品を含む40点強あまりを展示する予定です。https://topmuseum.jp/contents/exhibition/index-2876.html


I have been awarded the Sagamihara City Photography Award for newcomers by the city of Sagamihara in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

【受賞】『While Leaves Are Falling...』がさがみはら写真新人奨励賞を受賞しました。受賞記念して写真展が開催されます。


・10/13-30 @相模原市民ギャラリー
・2018.2/6-2/12 @新宿THE GALLERY



I will participate in a group show at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum) in Japan this winter. The show will open on Decemeber 2nd, and be on view through January 28th, 2018. I'll show 35~40 images from "While Leaves Are Falling...," which include images that have never been published before.

今冬、恵比寿の東京都写真美術館にて、日本の新進作家展 Vol.14に参加させていただきます。 展示期間は12月2日から2018年1月28日までで、「While Leaves Are Falling...」より未発表作品を含む35~40点を展示する予定です。


PDN's Review on my current exhibition, "While Leaves Are Falling..." at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in New York: https://potd.pdnonline.com/2017/06/46556/

Another good review by WESTWOOD: https://www.westwoodwestwood.com/culture/art/takahiro-kaneyamas-photographic-autobiography/


My new exhibition, "While Leaves Are Falling..." at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in New York will open on June 1st (on view through July 8th).

I'll show 25+ photos from my book "While Leaves Are Falling..." + new work that's not included in the book. The opening reception is June 1st.

個展「While Leaves Are Falling...」 が、ニューヨークのチェルシーにあるMiyako Yoshinaga Galleryにて6月1日から始まります。 赤々舎から刊行された写真集に含まれる写真に加え、新作も見せる予定です。 会期は6/1〜7/8、レセプションは6/1となっています。

プレスリリース: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/PRESS-RELEASE---TAKAHIRO-KANEYAMA--While-Leaves-Are-Falling----.html?soid=1101361772116&aid=C07whB8774Y


The SFMoMA bookstore is carrying my book, "While Leaves Are Falling..."

Bookstores carrying my book outside Japan:

*SFMoMA bookstore (San Francisco, USA)
* Studio Bibliografico Marini (Rome, Italy)
*Kunstkiosk im Helmhaus (Zurich)
*Buchhandel Detlef Otten (Göttingen/DE)
*Photobookstore co uk (UK)
*Luiscius Books (Netherland)
*L'Ascenseur Végétal (France)
*Galerie &co119 (Paris, France)

サンフランシスコMOMAのストアで写真集「"While Leaves Are Falling..."」を取り扱っていただくことになりました。


My book, "While Leaves Are Falling..."was nominated for two of the most prestigious photography awards in Japan: Kimura Ihei Award and Domon Ken Award.

赤々舎から刊行された写真集「While Leaves Are Falling...」が、木村伊兵衛写真賞と土門拳賞の最終候補に選出されました。


My book, "While Leaves Are Falling..." has been selected among The Best Photo Books of 2016 by Miwa Susuda of Dashwood Bookstore in New York and a renowned photographer, AWOISKA VAN DER MOLEN.



刊行されたばかりの僕の写真集「While Leaves Are falling...」が、ニューヨークの写真専門本屋 Dashwood Bookstoreの須々田美和さんと写真家 AWOISKA VAN DER MOLENさんにより、2016年度のベスト写真集の一冊に選ばれました。
このセレクションは、イギリスで有名な写真集専門のThe Photo Bookstoreが行う毎年恒例のもので、写真業界にいる人たちが各年のベストの写真集を選びます。 


My publisher, AKAAKA Publishing (Japan) has started taking pre-orders for my book, "While Leaves Are Falling..." via Amazon.jp
The book also contains an essay by Eric Shiner and a comment from Charlotte Cotton about the book. Text in both English and Japanese, shipping to the US is about $7.

This is a video showing the contents of the book: https://vimeo.com/195205999

This exceptionally well-designed book is hand-bound by a famous bookbinding company based in Kyoto. They bind books/catalogs for temples and shrines in Kyoto, and do their job thoroughly and carefully.

赤々舎刊行の写真集「While Leaves Are Falling...」のアマゾンの先行予約が始まっています。 写真批評家シャーロット・コットンさんからのコメント入りのスティッカーがもれなく付きます。 装丁は京都の寺社のカタログなども手がけることで有名な製本会社によって、一冊ごとていねいに手作業で作られています。 松本久木さんによる繊細で微かな陰影を感じさせるデザインは、写真集の内容と非常にマッチしており必見です。 写真集の内容はこちらから: https://vimeo.com/195205999よろしくお願いします!
  • ISBN-10: 4865410570
  • ISBN-13: 978-4865410570



I have been awarded a fellowship from NYFA (New York Foundation For The Arts).

Announcement from NYFA: http://current.nyfa.org/post/147104577308/nyfa-announces-recipients-and-finalists-for-2016


It's a little early, but I will have a solo exhibition "While Leaves Are Falling..." at Miyako Yoshinaga gallery, New York next June.


I will have a solo exhibition "While Leaves Are Falling..." at Nikon Salon (ニコンサロン 新宿), Tokyo Japan (10/18~31/2016).


My book, "While Leaves Are Falling..." is scheduled to be published from AKAAKA Publishing (赤々舎) in October 2016.


I received the following email from Light Work the other day:

Dear Takahiro;
Congratulations! The Light Work Artist-in-Residencecommittee has just chosen your application from over 900 artists. 
We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate in the program in 2016. 

I will be in Syracuse in April 2016!

Link: Announcing The 2016 Light Work Artist-In-Residence



I will participate in group exhibitions in Tokyo and New York.

Tokyo: 8/21~9/4/2013@72 Gallery

New York: 9/5~10/24/2013@United Photo Industries gallery

The opening at United Photo Industries in Brooklyn is October 3rd (6PM~9PM).

These exhibitions will be held on the occasion of this photo competition: Tokyo International Photography Festival Competition (TIP) 2013 and I'll show 5 pieces from "While Leaves Are Falling..."

I'll be at the opening of both exhibitions.



*I have a solo exhibition opening on March 15 with an opening reception on the same day(6:00~8:00PM).
Please stop by when you have a chance to go to Chelsea. It's on view from 3/15 thru 4/21.

Shades of The Departed
@Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects, 547 W27th St. 2nd Fl., NY

Press Release

*I have no idea if the photo assignment I hd done for the NY Times Magazine will ever be published. I got to see my best friend from university (and his wife and two daughters) who live in Iwate (one of the worst-hit areas) + got paid, but still.... The photos came out great, and the photo editor really liked them.

"Before And After...." on this website is NOT the photo assignment I did for them; I'm not supposed to show any pics I took for the photo assignment anywhere until after the story gets published. It says so in the contract.



I have got a photo assignment for New York Times magazine, and am going back to Tokyo on Tue. Then on Fri. I'll be headed to Iwate Prefecture, one of the worst-hit areas in the 3/11 quake and tsunami. I'll post a link when it gets published; It'll be published in a few weeks. I'll stay in Tokyo the whole summer, and come back to NY in the 1st week of September.


Japan Tsunami Relief <-- Link to Miyako's gallery

We started selling prints from "SHUMAFURA" series through Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects gallery last week or so. These images were photographed in Iwate and Aomori Prefecture of Japan in 2008 and 2010. Many lives were lost, and towns and villages in these areas were severely damaged or disappeared. My best friend from college, who lives in Iwate Prefecture was missing for several days after the quake hit, but I found out later that he, his wife, and two of their daughters were safe. However, my friend's parents and grandmother remain missing.

We have raised a little over $3200. Thank you so much for all your support. 100% of proceeds go to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, Japan Society, NY.

Update from Miyako's gallery: As of May 1, 2011, we have raised the sum of $5,300 by offering Takahiro Kaneyama's benefit photo prints of Northern Japan to over 40 donors. The proceeds went to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund set up by New York's Japan Society, Inc. to help victims. According to its website, the Fund has raised more than $7.6 million by 18,227 donors as of May 19.




I am still printing the stuff I took this summer at My Own Color Lab (@18 W27th Street). I'll update my website in the beginning of December. I doubt I'll get to show my new work anywhere anytime soon.


I received a call from my aunt in Japan last week. Our dog, Kerry who appears in almost all of my family portraits died of old age last Wednesday. My family has always kept a dog or two long before I was born, and considers and treats our dogs as family members. He was a smart, little fellow: when I ask my family to line up & pose for me, he joins them by standing right in front of them & showing his side view/profile. I thought I was prepared for this because our veterinarian told us in the beginning of this year that Kerry probably wouldn't survive till summer. I hugged him more often than ever, and took pics of him while I was down there in January. But it still hurts when it actually happens. I miss him. I do very much.

Amtrak's ARRIVE magazine came out: the story about an old Hot Dog place in Mamaroneck, NY, to which I contributed as a photographer is on page 68~71. You may pick up the magazine at Penn station (Amtrak ticket center) or Grand Central station.

I usually go back to Japan at this time of the year, but I'll have to stay here in the US this year because my visa must to be renewed. I don't have any plan for this summer...I will probably just stay home....and study. That's right. I have to finish up the CPA exam. I haven't even been able to take the exam because I got so busy with my photography. Then in a few months I'll have to start looking for an apartment before my lease expires. Locationwise this place is perfect (46th St. 9th Ave). It's close to everything: the rental darkroom, B&H, the City College I must go to (for nothing so far). I got a roommate (two actually, did I say two girls?) for the first time in my life, which has been fun, but I think I will need my own cave. I want to live by myself; I think I'll get a studio in Manhattan.


I did an artist talk a few days earlier at M.Y. Art Prospects gallery in honor of Asia Society's Asian Contemporary Art Week, in which I talked about my three ongoing series. I got nervous as hell; I don't even remember what I said during the artist talk.

There is another event coming up this week. It's a one-time only collaboration between visual artistsand musicians. I will be there. You need to pay $10 to get in, and I couldn't get free tix. Sorry:

FRIDAY MAY 22, 2009 | 7:00 PM One-time only event!

Photography with Live Musical Accompaniment

Kunie Sugiura | Mayumi Terada | Masayuki Yoshinaga | Asako Narahashi
Satomi Shirai | James Whitlow Delano | Q Sakamaki | Takahiro Kaneyama
Mayumi Lake | Pamela Matsuda-Dunn | Akiko Nishimura | George Hirose
Kaoru Watanabe (taiko and Fue) / Deep Singh (percussion, harmonium) / Ty Citerman (guitar)
Photographers' Reception after the performance:

The Shashin-ka Exhibition | May 22nd - June 17th
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 6:00 - 7:30 pm and by appointment
GENERAL ADMISSION: $10 [http://www.dromnyc.com]
Slide Show and Exhibition curated by GEORGE HIROSE and AKIKO NISHIMURA
DROM > 85 Avenue A (between 5th and 6th streets)
F train to 2nd Ave / 6 train to Astor Place
212.777.1157 | www.dromnyc.com


It's raining outside. Today is the last day of my first solo show in New York. There was never a traffic in the gallery, but I have gotten positive responses about my work, made contacts, and sold books through the gallery and Blurb, so I am happy. Thank you all for coming.

I have gotten a photo assignment to photograph "Walter's Hot Dog" in Mamaroneck, NY, which was established in 1919. It's for Arrive magazine, a custom-made magazine for Amtrak. I enjoy doing this! I'll go back to Mamaroneck next week to finish it up.


Thank you all for coming to the opening! The opening reception went really well, I think. It was rather a quiet night mostly because of several art-related events going on in the city right now, but we sold a few books+ a print. I am happy.

The show will be up until April 11th @

Miyako Yoshinaga ART PROSPECTS
547 West 27th Street, 2nd Fl.



I have received my first blurb-made book, "SHUMAFURA." Its reproduction and color are far better than I expected. Copies (signed, of course!) will be available at M.Y. Art Prospects during/after the show. And the other day I finally dropped off my final prints to be framed (it'll cost me $3000+, which I'll have to pay). Now I can relax.

I have updated "SHUMAFURA."

The show opens on March 5th (March 5-April 11, 2009). Please, please come see the show. You will NOT be disappointed.

Reception: Thursday, March 5th, 6-8 PM

Miyako Yoshinaga ART PROSPECTS
547 West 27th Street, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10001



I am printing almost everyday for the show opening in March. Initially I was going to show "While Leaves Are Falling" in the main room, but I have decided to show "SHUMAFURO/SHIMOFURO," a new series I had done this summer in the main room & "While Leaves~" in a smaller space next to the main space. Now I'm deciding whether I should upload pics of the new series on this website or not because I am such a tease. You may have to wait until next March. Merry Chistmas!!



I am typing this in my new apartment near Times Square. I moved into this apartment on 10/1. So many things have happened since I came back to NY, and I don't know where to start. Very few of them are good+I would rather not talk about those experiences, so I'll skip it. All I can say is that I had wasted so much time and money because of the apartment I used to live in and the landlord.

Now that Iam settled...well, not quite, but anyhow I can finally start printing the stuff I had done in Japan this summer again, and they are not bad...actually I like this series a lot, and as the gallery owner of M.Y. Art Prospects suggested, I think I'll make a book (paying out of my pocket, of course) for it before my solo show opens. I can have 10 or 20 books made, and she will sell them along with an 8x10 print @her gallery. I will add those 30+ pics to this site (Shimofuro section) once they're ready. I am only half way through.



I just came back from Tokyo a few days ago. I had a fairly pleasant flight (are you kidding? It was the best!!) since the airline company put me in business class 15 minutes before the plane took off without telling me why.

In July I traveled to northern part of Japan to see my best friend from college and my grandmother's little brother living in Aomori prefecture, whom I had never met. All of my family members including my grandmother had been there when they were young, so it was like tracing origin of my family, our roots, so to speak. I'll add pics I took in Aomori when they're ready.



Great news! I will have a solo show, "While Leaves Are Falling..." in the main space of a gallery called "M.Y. Art Prospects" on 27th Street, NY.

It'll open at the beginning of NEXT YEAR, the end of Feb through the end of March.



One of my friends from the City College was visiting NY last weekend, and we hung out in the afternoon. She brought her new shadow, a very cute one along. We are the same age, and it's no wonder she's becoming a parent, but I could never, ever picture her being a mom. It just reminded me of how old I really was. Feeling rushed? Not at all....I don't even have a girl, ha, ha.



I have added some pics to "While Leaves......," though this series needs some editing. I have a few more pics that I like, which I think will be a part of the "Untitled" soon.



I will be updating my pics soon, but I'll have to print 'em first.



I can't believe it's Christmas already.

Russell Hart from American Photo magazine did a story about my work shown at the Japan Society show. It can be seen at


Also, in the lastest issue (Dec 2007) of Artnews magazine there is a review of the Japan Society show, in which my name is

mentioned. I just found out about it yesterday, so I will go grab a few copies for myself today.



Thank you all for coming to the openings for the Japan Society show. It was crazy, especially the second night...the place was

flooded with people. This show really helped me reconstruct self-confidence as a photographer. Hopefully something good will happen.

I know, I know, I'll make something happen.

As for the 1971 project, I have decided to photograph the same people every few years to see how this project will look like. After

showing my work at SVA gallery last month, I realized that this project is relying too much on texts (words placed next to images).

The project is about the passage of time, and I'll somehow present it mainly through the photographs.



I had to go back to Japan for a while due to family matters, and now I am back in NY. It was record-breaking hot down there, and

the workload was soooo heavy that I didn't have time to enjoy myself, but it"s always good to go back there. The SVA Alumni show is opening soon. So is the Japan Society show.



Bad news: the Japan Society show will NOT be traveling across the US. Nor will it go to Japan.

Also, there has been a change to the exhibition schedule: Dates of the exhibition have been rescheduled to October 5,

2007 through January 13, 2008. Both President Bush and Prime Minister Abe will be coming to New York on September 25,

which will seriously impact their ability to coordinate a successful opening. Well, what can you do?

There is an opening event for Making a Home Exhibition. For anyone interested in coming to keep me company, please let me know.

Oct 4 (Thurs):
Member’s Opening and Preview 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Invitees: All individual and corporate members of Japan Society, selected senior staff from other museums.

Note: Guests of participating artists are welcome to join the Members’ Opening and Preview
on Oct 4 (but not Art World Opening on October 3)

*I will be in a group show, Super PHAT, an exhibition of work by SVA Japanese alumni and alumni. The exhibition will take place at the Visual Arts Gallery located at 601 West 26th Street, 15th Floor, from September 12-29, 2007. I'll be showing only two photographs from 1971 project. Come and stop by if you happen to be in Chelsea.



My work will be published in a book entitled "200 Photographers' Portfolio" coming out in September, 2007 from Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. (Japanese publishing house): 330+ pages in color. I was asked to send 10 images in a few weeks, and then the editor will pick out several pics out of them. I'm deciding which ones I should turn in.



I got to meet 5 candidates (herself included) for the 1971 project. The photo shoot went really well, though I may have to rephotograph Megumi, and one of the people I took pictures of didn't come out well (mostly my fault). Do check out the new pics I did for 1971. One of the new subjects, Jennifer has a daughter named Izabell. She's a very cute one, who is also included in the pic. She made me want a child of my own, but I've got to get someone who wants to have a family with me first, needless to say.

I have been printing a few days a week for the Japan Society show, and am halfway through. I'm ALMOST THERE! I'll go to a frame shop next week.

I have another good news: I received an e-mail from Suganuma san from Recruit's Guardian Garden gallery (Hitotsubo-ten) in Tokyo, asking me if I was interested in participating in a group show opening on July 17th. Mika Ninagawa and 6, 7 other photographers will be included in this show, along with graphic artists (mostly illustrators).

Schedule pending: "Fellowship Winners in The Past" at Guardian Garden, 7-3-5 Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 7/17/2007~8/2/2007, Opening Hours: 12:00~7:00 (Sun. closed)

I think I'll be showing some pics from 1971 project.

I'm planning to photograph at least 10 more candidates for 1971 project before I leave NY this summer, so please check me out from time to time.

Get busy!!



It's 2:39 AM. I just finished adding new work. "While Leaves Are Falling..." has been updated, so please do check 'em out for me. It could use some editing, though. 9 pics from this series will be shown at the Japan Society show.

I'm seriously considering taking pics for 1971 project before I go back to Japan this summer; my goal is to photograph 25~30 people before the middle of July. I'll have to place an ad on Craigslist again.



Soon I have to figure out which pics I will show at Japan Society show opening in Sep. Then, here comes the presentation: what's the best way to present my work? I'm planning to try different kinds of paper surface.

Should I frame them? If so, how? It would cost me a fortune, but I've got to do what I got to do. I let NO regrets come in the way this time. Apparently I screwed up big time with how I presented my work in the past.

Making a Home:  Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York
Venue: Japan Society Gallery, New York
Dates: September 27, 2007 - January 13, 2008
Curated by Eric C. Shiner

I have some pics I took in Japan, that I think are good enough to be included in "While Leaves Are Falling..." I'll update my site in the next few weeks. Now the question is what will I do with 1971 project??



*Yesterday I went to one of the receptions for the group show I wrote about the other day, "Making a Home" at Japan Society in New York, which is opening next September. I met most of the artists who will participate in it at the reception, and can't tell you how excited I am. However, I have to admit I started getting nervous at the same time. How will I present my work? Which pics should I show in the first place? Thoughts have been brewing in my head since last month.

*I'm going back to Japan to see my family and friends for a while. I'll come back to NY on February 5th.

Happy Holidays!! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!!



I have another good news to share with you. I will be included in a group show called "Making a Home: Japanese Artists in New York" at Japan Society in NY. It starts on September 1st, 2007. This show is to celebrate its 100-year anniversary, and 33 artists will participate in it, that include Yoko Ono and other NY-based, established artists. I'm probably the only unknown artist among them. Thank you, Eric, the curator for choosing me.

It'll be a great show, and is a must-see!! Mark your calender now!!!




I have some good news:

I have received my Artist Visa a week earlier, which allows me to stay in the US for another three years. It took me only a month; I can finally go back to Japan to visit my family in December.

The 2nd news is that I'll be participating in the very first Milwaukee International Art Fair held at:

Polish Falcons Beer Hall
803 East Clarke Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

My work can be seen at Jody Monroe Gallery's booth.


Friday, October 20:
Art fair opening night, 5–9 p.m.
Performance Night, 9 p.m.
Darling Hall
601 South 6th Street, Milwaukee
Saturday, October 21:
Art fair open 12 noon–9 p.m.

I will update my site soon, very soon. I promise.



I will be in a group show called "Because I Dream, I'm Not" at Capusle gallery. Don't ask me where the title came from; I haven't asked Jef yet. (Jef is the guy who runs Capsule.)

What'll be shown this time is a series from "While Leaves Are Falling," taken at Hakuba, Japan.

The show opens on 2/17, and will be up till 3/26.

There is an opening on Thu. 2/17, 6pm-8pm.

The address is 521 W26th St.

I hope to see you there!!



I rushed myself to finish up my first website on this day, and it's finally completed! I've also gained another year added to my years today!!

I am not really happy about the latter part, but a sense of accomplishment I have experienced is beyond description.

This page, "News Update" will be used to make announcements on publication, exhibition, personal matter...etc, and will be updated when necessary.